The Foundation on Judaism and Christian Origins originated in 1975 to support the publication of the first complete edition of the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. Two volumes were published in 1983 and 1985 and contain translations of many "Scriptures" not canonized as the "Old Testament." These documents were judged ancient (and not later), since copies of some of them were recovered from the Qumran Caves which preserved the Dead Sea Scrolls.

After the publication of this corpus, the Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls Project was launched in 1985 to make available critical texts, translations, and introductions of all the scrolls that are not simply a copy of the Bible. This massive Project which brings together over 60 Jewish and Christian scholars is approximately 85% completed. Finalizing this Project and presenting a one-volume English edition of all the Dead Sea Scrolls is the focal point of the Foundation.

The Foundation is exceptional for the success it has enjoyed with international symposia featuring luminaries who are Jews and Christians (and some who feel comfortable with either category). These symposia have been held in Jerusalem, Princeton, St. Petersburg (Russia), Prague, and Boca Raton, Florida.

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The book of Isaiah and its reception exceptionally shaped Jewish thought from the eighth century BCE to the end of the first century CE. Studying the origin, editing, and reception of the book of Isaiah reveal an astounding continuity from before the Babylonian Exile to the Roman defeat of Bar Kokhba. The key word is "exceptionally." Was Isaiah exceptionally important for Qumran, the Baptizer, Jesus, and John? This unique conference is... Click for details...

ACADEMIC FRIENDS OF THE FOUNDATION WHO SPEAK AT FJCO SYMPOSIA AND/OR AT ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES WHERE THEY HAVE EXPLORED, DUG, FOUND, BRUSHED AND ARE EXPERT: website brings together for the first time the entirety of the manuscript tradition including diverse ancient (Qumran, Masada) and medieval (Cairo, Genizah) manuscripts of the book of Ben Sira in a convenient user-friendly format.

From Dr. Chrlesworth: "Gary Rendsburg is a leading specialist on the Hebrew Bible and the world of ancient Israel, a contributor to the Foundation's JESUS AND THE TEMPLE symposium, and a member of the Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls Project. He is...(CONTINUED FROM THIS WEBSITE HOMEPAGE) an observant Jew who contributes to scholarly conferences and teaches at Rutgers University. He is a friend of the president of FJCO."

Here are Rabbi Rensburg's comments about the website. "The diverse manuscripts of the book of Ben Sira are currently housed in libraries and institutions (and in one instance a private collection) in Cambridge, Oxford, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and Jerusalem. They are "ancient" (Qumran, Masada) and "medieval" (Cairo, Genizah) in source.

We are pleased to announce the website brings together for the first time the entirety of the manuscript tradition in a convenient user-friendly format. (The folios held by the Bodleian Library, Oxford, are not yet available at our website).

The first and second stages of the website include high-resolution digital images of the documents, along with transcriptions of the Cairo Genizah manuscripts, and transcriptions and translations of the Masada scroll.

Future updates will include translations and/or transcriptions of the remaining material, as well as additional resources to guide the interested scholar and layperson alike.

The developers of the website gratefully acknowledge the assistance and cooperation of the custodians of the various Ben Sira documents, all of whom are acknowledged at the Introduction page of the website. Gary A. Rendsburg and Jacob Binstein Department of Jewish Studies Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J., U.S.A"



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How the Foundation Delivers its Contributions to Scholarship, Education and Theology

The research and publications sponsored by the FJCO utilize all methodologies (anthropology, sociology, psychology, philology, numismatics, high-definition imaging and theology) and all dimensions of archaeology.

The Foundation is an internationally recognized source of clarity and explanation of the world of Second Temple Judaism and the Palestinian Jesus Movement. The Foundation shares with all interested parties a better grasp of Early Judaism and the Jewish context of Jesus from Nazareth.

Together through the Foundation's work and programs, Jews and Christians join to better comprehend the thoughts of Early Judaism and Jesus' life and message. In addition to discovery and education for the historical record, we contend that open-minded research and knowledge are important for a world being destroyed physically and morally and for humans losing humane values.

All contributions are tax deductible in accordance with your tax advisor's instructions, as the Foundation is IRS approved as a 501(c)3 exempt organization.

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